About us

Introducing the Managing Director:

Mohsen Najimi is a graduate student in industrial management and founder of Sepahrad packaging and packing industry, which is active in the field of carton industry and packaging business for about fifty-two years.

Until 1993 he has worked for four years in the economic market of cardboard and packaging industries and in 1997 he has founded the sepahrad Cardboard industry and packing complex.

 Introducing the complex:

In 1997 the “Sepahrad Industrial cardboard and Packaging Complex’ with the investment of Mohsen Najimi at the Industrial town of Shokohie Qom was founded. This complex was completed in 1999; after the legal process was done, the completion of construction and installation of facilities, cardboard production machinery started its production activities and has continued its activities until today.

During 20 years of production activity of the Sepahrad Factory, many manufacturing complexes and factories in Iran have collaborated with this industrial unit and some of these collaborations have lasted for nearly 20 years.

Currently, the Sepahrad carton industry and packing with an annual production capacity of 6500 tons of products have the ability to produce a wide range of the products that are made of cardboard, including:

1: Many types of ordinary carton boxes, dikes and sheets with four-color offset printings with the dimensions of a minimum width of 30 cm, 40 cm in length and a maximum width of 140 cm length and 160 cm width with a variety of types of sheets:

  1. The single Class (A-flute, C-flute, B-flute, E-flute, F-flute) with white or brown craft and cardboard offset printing with four Colors and a kind of the veneer, uv, uv topical, glossy, opaque, thermal(adhesive and thermal) coatings
  2. The three layers sheets (A-flute, B-flute, C-flute, E-flute, F-flute) with white or brown craft and cardboard coverage by four-color printings offset and veneer, uv, uv topical, glossy, opaque (thermal and adhesive) coatings
  3. The five layers sheets; (B, F-flute) (C, F-flute) (E, F-flute) (A, B-flute) (B, F-flute) (A, E-flute) class

(B, C-flute) (B, E-flute) (C, E-flute) with white or brown craft and cardboard with four Color offset printings and coating veneer, uv, uv, topical, glossy, opaque, thermal coatings (adhesive and thermal)

2: The production of ordinary carton boxes and three colors dyke printing in the dimensions of a minimum width of 30 cm and 40 cm in length and the maximum width of 185 cm and 270 cm in length as a super-sized package with a variety of gender types of sheets:

  1. The three layers of flute classes (F-flute, E-flute, B-flute, C-flute, A-flute) with white or brown craft, and cardboard coatings with offset printing, paint, and varnish, uv, uv topical, glossy, opaque coatings (thermal and adhesive)
  2. The five layers sheet of (B, F-flute) (C, F-flute) (E, F-flute) (A, B-flute) (B, F-flute) (A, E-flute), (B, C-flute) (B, E-flute) (C, E-flute) classes with white or brown craft and cardboard coatings and the cardboard with four color offset printings and coating, uv, uv topical, glossy, opaque, coatings (adhesive and thermal)
  3. The seven layers sheets (C, B, E-flute) (E, B, C-flute) (E, B, F-flute) and … classes with white and brown Craft and cardboard with four colors offset printing and veneer, uv, uv topical, glossy, opaque coating (thermal and adhesive)

3: Producing all kinds of backpack boxes (Grey, back, and white) with white back (Ivory Board Paper) with Heat transfer of at least 135 grams and a maximum of 450 grams with the cardboard coated by four colors offset printing that have a veneer, uv, uv, cellophane, glossy, opaque coatings (thermal and adhesive)

It also provides a variety of services beyond the production of packaged products in order to create satisfaction and comfort for the customers that include:

  1. The ability to register the orders and request to register the orders and to present the pre-invoice in online mood
  2. Provide information about orders online and by SMS and the ability to track orders instantly and in online mood
  3. Create an online shop dedicated to general purpose products for usage in household appliances such as home appliances, at the moment of moving and at home, archives of office documents, packing of postal items and so on, with the ability to print a logo and a special scheme for the ease of purchasing for the customers.
  4. Providing specialized consulting services in the field of graphic design and design of special and luxury packaging together with the model making for prototyping by specialized specialists in the unit that is equipped at the Sepahrad Complex and product development designed by the best shape and best material
  5. Upgrading of the equipments and exploitation of the updated world’s science to produce products with the best quality and performance that is appropriate and meets the needs of a wide range of customers, as well as the use of modern management knowledge learned by the MBA and DBA specialists in various areas of organizational and human resource management, production management and support, sales and Marketing Strategies

In the near future, due to the increasing in the demands and desires of the different factories and production centers to cooperate with the packaging industry Sepahrad complex, the cardboard production capacity of this industry complex will show 100 percent growth, and will have the production capacity of 13000 tons of various types of cardboard and packaging products.

Cardboard Industry Complex and Sepahrad Package, relying on the expert and committed personnel, enjoying the best facilities and equipment, and the usage of the best raw materials, as well as the experience of many years in the packaging industry, is always trying to provide the best service and the highest quality products for the customers and the new and best services in the cardboard and packaging industry.

The precision of the complex for the corporation with the specialists and experts in the fields of printing industry and production, the graduated specialist in the field of management business (MBA) and conducting training courses in line with the updated science for their personnel, created an effective set of specialists who could be responsive to all customer needs.

In the organization’s way and the culture that is governing the Sepahrad production family, efforts have always been made to improve and enhance the quality boundaries, products and services and that is the hallmark of all the activities.

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