Great packaging

The first goal of packaging carton production is the creation of safety and product protection.

A good carton is a carton that protects your product best of all, is resistant to environmental factors, has the ability to withstand the pressure applied to the package and facilitate the transportation of the product.
Adhere to The criteria for a suitable packaging in the production of cartons and large packaging is difficult.

One of the most important issues to be considered in the production of high quality ultra-high density cartons is the design of high-quality multi-layer cartons for product packaging and in accordance with the dimensions and weight and shape of the product.

The ordering party may have a packet of the composition and type of cardboard packaging needed to produce its own packaging, in which case the packaging production process will be shorter.

However, if the owner of the product does not have the exact or correct information on the packaging of his product, it is our duty to develop a team that uses the product specifications of the customer to calculate and design the appropriate combination of the type and shape of the sheet and the dimensions of the packaging to produce The best possible carton.

sepahrad Carton Containers and Package with Full-Color Printing Machine 3-Color Rotary Dictates With the possibility of printing large-size cartons with a maximum dimension of 270 cm in 185 cm. The first 3-color carton printing machine in The large dimensions are large in Iran and continue to be produced as the only 3-color printing machine in this class in the production line of sepahrad Carton Complex.

At present, our collection with a specialization in the field of packaging of large and big cartons and gaining numerous and successful experience in the production of ultra large packaging for multiple customers ready to design and produce a variety of cartons and packages. Large scale packages for any kind of product with any dimension and we dare to announce that there will be no limitations in the production of large packaging.