Packaging Design

Product packaging is always the first point of customer relationship with your product. This means that a beautiful package can encourage someone to pay for a product they have not heard before, or no performance or quality information. Therefore, designing your product packaging can be one of the most important reasons for the success of a new product or restarting a lost product line.
The first function of a packaging is to protect the product within it. The packaging should be sufficiently solid and reliable to make the job easy to maintain and distribute. Meanwhile, it is required to provide customers with the necessary information about what they have in store, as well as the issue of competing with shelves that are full of similar products.

What should I do to have a good package?
Each package of different elements of the north has the design, color, form and form, sex, dimensions, and personality, each of which alone and at the same time combining these elements together creates feelings and reactions in the audience.
In the design of the product packaging, attention should be paid to the design of the packaging, which can be more effective and motivating the use of the product, while at the same time acting as a perfect protector.

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