Special and Innovative Packaging

Do you have a personality and credibility for your products?

If the answer to the above question is “yes,” then you definitely have information about the role of packaging in creating a unique character and place for each product.

Product packaging, such as tone wear, greatly reflects the personality and product characteristics. Certainly, a product that is packaged in ugly and inappropriate packaging will not be trusted.

On the other hand, an indexed, innovative, quality and proportionate package can create a sense of trust and confidence in the customer as well as an attractive personality and credible credentials for your product. The importance of this issue is to the extent that the packaging in a company’s products can create and introduce a particular lifestyle in some people.

An intelligent packaging will attract the customer and deliver the message you desire. It will create an emotional relationship between your product and the customer and can introduce your product as part of the life of the customer.
It’s not bad to know that 70% of purchasing decisions are taken at the store and affect the design and packaging of a particular product.

The product packaging structure can be the core of a brand’s advertising strategy and play an essential role in product valuation.

Complex of Carton and Packaging Sepahrad with regard to the importance of packaging products and using the specialized sciences in the fields of market psychology, packaging design, marketing management as well as the use of years of experience in the field of carton production and packaging It is able to design and produce the most innovative and beautiful packaging for your special products.

We focus on the consumer’s specificity, texture, appearance, and mindset of each product’s vendors using the most advanced packaging design techniques, such as the use of color psychology techniques, and the observation of the product target markets. The most special and innovative packaging. Designed for your product and produced with the most advanced carton and packaging industries technology.

“Be the best to be seen”