Transportation of products in the field of production is a very important issue. The best products will be damaged and irreparable if improperly and improperly transported. On the other hand, timing and commitment to timely obligations in the transportation of goods products is an important point, which is important in cases where the product in question is the packaging of the product of the factories plays a vital role.
Carton products and the like, because they are often used in the packaging of other products, should be physically in perfect safety at the time of shipment and should be taken at the fastest time by the consumer in a timely manner.
Carton and packaging industry sepahrad has a great deal of cooperation with large transportation companies with regard to the importance of the transportation issue and has been able to satisfy its customers in a very high level.
The products of our customers in sepahrad Complex are packaged in the best possible conditions and can be delivered to the consumer in the shortest possible time.
“Speed, accuracy and quality in delivering services have always been the hallmark of our performance.”